V2 Cigs Coupon Codes 2014

V2 Cigs CouponsSave money on V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes.  I’m Jason Moore, an avid outdoorsmen who hates what smoke does to our lovely environment.   I’m an e-cig advocate and I created this website to help consumers save money on V2 batteries, cartridges, accessories, and V2 Pro Series vaporizers.

V2 Cigs Coupons will save you thousands of dollars.  Whether you are new to the V2 Cigs brand, or a long time user of their fine products, the V2 e cig coupon codes here will help you save serious money.


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V2 Cigs Review 

As a former smoker looking to find a safer, healthier way to take care of his nicotine cravings, I decided to turn to e-cigarettes as a way to get my fix. I’ve tested multiple products from multiple companies and some of them were great and others

V2 Cigs Coupon Codes 2014
Pictured here is the Ultimate Starter Kit.

did not make the cut.

In an effort to be clear and upfront with you, I decided to put together this V2 Cigs review. This will tell you all about my experiences with the V2 Cigs products and let you know why I felt that this company definitely made the grade.

But before I get into it, it’s important to note that this company also has some fantastic V2 Cigs coupons. They will save you a lot of money, so it’s definitely worth it to take advantage of the amazing deals that they are offering at this time.

Alright, now that I got that out of the way, let’s get started…

V2 Cigs Starter Kits: What Did I Think?

To start with, before I even began my journey with V2 Cigs, I decided to head directly to their website to see what the company was all about. I immediately looked at their starter kits, because that’s where I was going to begin anyway. I wasn’t going to spend a fortune until I tried one of their starter kits – I ended up trying all of them– to find out if I like the product.

Ultimately, the company has six different starter kits for you to try. Their starter kits include:

  • Beginner’s Kit
  • V2 Standard E-Liquid Kit
  • V2 Standard Kit – Ex Series
  • V2 Standard Plus Kit
  • V2 Couples Kit
  • V2 Ultimate Kit
V2 Coupons
V2 offers many flavors of cartridges for sale in strengths ranging from nicotine free to 2.4%.

When all is said and done, every one of these kits was valuable in its own right. The beginner’s kit is perfect for those just starting out in the e-cigarette world. Since I’ve been smoking e-cigs for a while, I probably could’ve ignored the beginner’s kit if I chose but wanted to give it a fair shot anyway. The Standard E-Liquid Kit and the EX Series Kit both made a serious impression for a number of reasons, including:

  • they both come with a wall adapter
  • they both come with a smart charger
  • they both come with a user’s manual
  • they both come with two batteries
  • they both were easy to use
  • they both got the job done and provided excellent vapors for your inhaling pleasure
  • they both had excellent tasting flavors, whether it’s the EX flavor cartridges or the platinum e- liquid
  • they both impressed the heck out of me and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to get into e-cigs and vapor smoking

Moving on…

Next up, I tested out the V2 Standard Plus Kit. Although very similar to the standard kit, there were some definite differences that make this kit stand out amongst the crowd. You get everything that the standard kit provides, but there is one major difference that makes this a better deal, and that is the portable charging case.

You never want to get stuck without having the ability to charge when you really need to take a vaping break. It would be devastating to you if you did not have the opportunity to charge up, and the portable kit makes it so much easier. Plus you still get the wall adapter, smart charger, batteries, flavor cartridges and the user’s manual. So you have everything that you need to get started with vaping no matter where you are, at any time of the day or night.

I almost avoided the V2 Couples Kit but decided to give it a try anyway. My girlfriend has been thinking about quitting smoking cigarettes and switching over to vaping anyway, so I gave her the other half of the kit for her to test it out. As someone new to vaping, she found the products easy to use and she thought that the flavor cartridges tasted great. While I’m still not positive she’s finally going to give up her nasty cigarette habit, I can tell you that she’s one step closer now that she finally decided to start vaping and gave it a try for herself.

While most people continue to vape because it’s awesome and it tastes great, it is an easy way that you can finally quit smoking if you’ve been struggling. It’s a great replacement habit that will allow you to get your nicotine fix without having to inhale all the nasty chemicals that you would normally suck into your lungs when smoking a cigarette.

ex cartridges V2 Cigs Coupon Codes
The new “EX” cartridges allow you to see how much liquid remains in the cartridge.

Are you ready to try V2 Cigs? Take a look at the V2 Cigs coupon being offered on this website, and then click over to the site and check out the products. If you’re going to try any of the starter kits or some of the other products you might as well take advantage of the coupon so that you can save some money. It’s a great opportunity that you should jump all over right now.

Last but not least, it wouldn’t have been wise to check out all of the starter kits without looking into the Ultimate Kit, which as you can imagine is the best starter kit that they have to offer at V2 Cigs.

What makes the Ultimate Kit so awesome? For starters, it comes with so much more than your average starter kit. Here’s a list of all of the excellent accessories that this kit has to offer:

  • wall adapter
  • V2 portable charging case XL
  • V2 power cig
  • V2 lanyard
  • V2 metal carry case
  • smart charger
  • 2 amp car adapter
  • V2 ex batteries
  • V2 ex flavor cartridges
  • user’s manual

As you can see, that is one power packed starter kit. And more importantly than anything else, it’s an awesome kit that you’re really going to enjoy. It has everything that you could need if you’re going to truly become a V2 Cigs aficionado, and trust me if you’re going to smoke e-cigs, you want to become an aficionado of this product line.

But truthfully, I’m only just scratching the surface here. Let’s take a look at some of the e- liquid flavors that you’re going to enjoy once you start vaping with V2 Cigs.

If you’re ready do head over to the website, why not take advantage of the V2 Cigs coupon? It’s a great way to save money so please use it today.

V2 E-Liquid Flavors and Flavor Cartridges

Having awesome starter kits and e-cigs smoking devices are one thing, but having amazing flavors that you’re going to enjoy and crave is a whole different ball of wax. I love the fact that V2 Cigs has some very distinct flavors to choose from, but there aren’t so many that you feel overwhelmed by all of the choices.

In truth, I particularly like three of the flavors a great deal, and I really like the other flavors as well, but these are my favorites. They include:

  • V2 Red – this is the American tobacco flavor. It reminds me of smoking a Marlboro, but without all of the toxic chemicals and other crap filling my lungs.
  • Congress – this is their version of a refined tobacco flavor, and it definitely hits the spot after a hard day at work. I love to kick back, relax and enjoy a nice puff on my V2 vaporizer. There’s nothing better in this world after a tough day in the salt mines.
  • V2 Menthol – although I really wasn’t a menthol smoker when I was smoking regular cigarettes, I do enjoy to vape the menthol flavor every once in a while. I don’t know what makes me like this better than smoking a Newport or a Virginia Slim, but something about it is really appealing every so often.

As you can see, I definitely have my favorite flavors for good reason. I am more into the traditional flavors of cigarette smoking, but there are some fun and exotic flavors that you could also try as well.

V2 Pro Coupon
The V2 Pro Vaporizer is pictured here. I just ordered this and a full review will be posted soon!

Maybe you’ll be into peppermint, green tea menthol, grape, cherry, chocolate, coffee, cola or vanilla. The sky’s the limit, and even though V2 Cigs only has a small handful of flavors to choose from, they decided to cultivate the best of the best.

Why create flavors that you’re never going to try anyway? That’s my motto, and V2 Cigs seems to agree with me.

It’s Conclusion Time…

I hope by now you see that I really like the V2 Cigs products and what they represent. For me, this product line was definitely a saving grace. I switched over to e-cigarettes because I was a having a hard time quitting regular cigarettes. I don’t mind spending money on something that I enjoy at all, so I’ll be a vapor smoker for the rest of my life. You can count on that.

Check out V2 Cigs today. I hope you’ve liked this V2 Cigs review, and if you’re looking for a great discount, try a V2 Cigs coupon right now.

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